Xceed FTP for ActiveX

Add flexible, high-performance FTP file transfer to your  Windows applications. Firewall-friendly and can work in the background. 15 years of commercial availability and use make it ultra-reliable. Backed by a responsive support and development team.

  • Works with all FTP server types, supports all major FTP operations
  • Efficient implementation of the FTP protocol
  • Efficient networking code that uses Winsock 2

Part of Xceed Data Manipulation Suite, also part of Xceed Ultimate Suite

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What’s New?

Reliably send, receive and manipulate files and folders on remote FTP servers from your Windows applications.

Works with all FTP server types. If the built-in support for Unix, VMS, AS/400, Windows, and DOS server types is incompatible, you can plug in a custom parser for instant compatibility.

Supports all major FTP operations, asynchronous non-blocking, resume transfers, passive mode for firewalls, SOCKS, wildcards and filtering, status and control events, and much more.

Provides two APIs. One for flexible, feature-rich code, the other (QuickFTP) for transfering one or more files with only a single line of code.

Highest quality design

One fully self-contained object, written with ATL 3.0 for no external dependencies, uses Winsock 2 not Winsock 1, STA and MTA multi-threaded apartment models, and uses Unicode calls on NT, 2000, XP, Vista.



Xceed FTP for ActiveX has been in commercial use for 15 years.

Appreciated by top developers

“My initial reactions to the product as a whole are impressive. I am pleased with the ease at which I was able to incorporate the control into existing code which was using a Microsoft library.”
Jeff McDonald, Programmer/Analyst (California, United States)
“I loved the option it gives you of either using ‘QuickFTP’ or a more drawn out FTP component in which you have more settings you can alter and modify. Thus a quick control for a quick and dirty solution or a more drawn out one for more control, Very Cool! It is actually the easiest FTP component I have used, I have tried demos of several others but honestly this one has much more of a Plug and Play feel to the component.”
David Hite, Warsaw, Indiana, United States
“I integrated your ActiveX FTP and Zip components into an important project. It was a breeze! I am totally impressed of the quality and the performance, and the documentation is outstanding. You really saved my deadline! Thank you very much! Everything was a very positive experience – from the first visit to your website, then to the order process and finally to the products.”
“I did not find anything I did not like about this product.”
Michael P. Hofer, Indiana, United States
“We have been evaluating your FTP component for use in a national service. Initial testing has shown excellent results. Once again Xceed has Xceed’ed our expectations. Implementation was about 2 hours from download of the trial version, so again please pass on my congratulations to the developmment team.”
Malcolm Daughtree, Senior Programmmer, Informed Sources (Milton, Australia)


ActiveX/DLL Technology

  • A single fully self-contained COM object and ActiveX control written with ATL 3.0.
  • Requires no external DLLs, MFC DLLs, or runtime libraries. Uses Winsock 2 which is found on all Windows operating systems.
  • Both single-threaded (STA) and multi-threaded apartment (MTA) model design.
  • Instantiate the component dynamically without putting it on a form.

  • Supports multiple instances running simultaneously.
  • Optional background processing so your code can continue execution while Xceed FTP Library is working.
  • Supports both Unicode and ANSI in one single control. The library automatically uses Unicode API calls for best performance when available.
  • Supports notification by events or by custom interface advising for maximum efficiency.
  • ActiveX control interface has all constants, enumerations, and types built-in. Code completion, property categories, help strings, and context-sensitive F1 help fully supported.
  • Works with all 32-bit development environments that can use ActiveX controls, including VB, VC++, Delphi, C++ Builder, VFP, Office, PB, VO, Web scripting languages, ASP, and DCOM projects.
  • Optional ability to function as an AIC (Application Integration Component) for BizTalk Server.

FTP support and major operations

  • RFC 959, 1123, and 1579 compliant.
  • Fully uses Winsock 2 optimizations for best performance.
  • SOCKS Firewall Proxy support for performing FTP operations across Intranet firewalls.
  • Passive mode.
  • Supports all standard FTP commands as well as custom FTP commands.

  • Send and receive files to/from disk or directly to/from memory buffers.
  • Send, receive, or list entire directory structures recursively.
  • QuickFTP interface for transfering one or more files with only a single line of code.
  • Server directory listings are available through events or via easy-to-manipulate item collections.
  • Automatic directory listing parser or create your own custom parser for unknown listing formats.
  • Resume file transfers from any offset.
  • Streaming support. Send or receive data as it becomes available.
  • Rename or change file paths as they are being sent or received.
  • Automatic logging of FTP activity.

Application-component interactivity

  • Operations can be aborted at any time.
  • Provides status report events on a file-by-file basis as well as on the entire operation being performed, with percentages, byte, and file counts. Easily add any kind of progress bar to your app.
  • Events are triggered whenever a file is being sent, received, listed, etc.
  • Notifies your application when and why a specific file cannot be processed.
  • Notifies your application when a file being received is about to overwrite an existing file. Your application can then choose to overwrite it or skip it.

  • Provides complete file information for the current file being processed.
  • Your application receives info such as the amount of time a file took to transfer, the achieved transfer rate, and other info as it becomes available.
  • Create your own custom filters in order to process or exclude files based on size or date.
  • Automatic full yield so other applications do not halt during processing.

Other operations

  • Specify FTP server as IP address or host name.
  • Keep Alive capability with settable interval to ensure FTP server does not disconnect client due to inactivity.
  • Allows sending files that are currently open for write operations by other processes.
  • Supports long filenames, UNC paths, and Unicode filenames.
  • Specify files to process using wildcards.

Documentation and samples

  • Complete, comprehensive documentation provided in an MSDN-style HTML format which is fully context-sensitive so that pressing F1 on a keyword in your IDE opens up the manual to the relevant topic.
  • Fully commented sample applications for various languages, including VB, Delphi, Visual C++, and Active Server Pages.