Xceed Encryption for ActiveX

Easy to use, interoperable library for encrypting, decrypting, signing and authenticating data. Supports symmetrical and asymmetrical strong encryption. Backed by a responsive support team.

  • Supports various industry standard encryption algorithms
  • Works with buffers, streams, or files.
  • Supports multiple instances running simultaneously.

Part of Xceed Data Manipulation Suite, also part of Xceed Ultimate Suite

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What’s New?

An encryption library with fast, low memory usage algorithms that supports file-based encryption/decryption as well as streaming.

A versatile library that makes it easy for your app to  perform a variety of encryption-related tasks. Encrypt or decrypt, digitally sign, hash, authenticate, digital envelope, and more.

Performs strong AES symmetrical encryption/decryption with 128-, 192-, or 256-bit keys. Or use public-key encryption with the RSA algorithm. Also supports Twofish,  SHA-2, ECB and CBC, and more. Includes a random number generator that can warn your app if there is not enough entropy.

Technically superior

One fully self-contained object, written with ATL 3.0 for no external dependencies, STA and MTA multi-threaded apartment models, fast and efficient.


ActiveX/DLL technology

  • A single fully self-contained COM object and ActiveX control written with ATL 3.0.
  • Requires no external DLLs, ATL, MFC, or runtime libraries.
  • Both single-threaded (STA) and multi-threaded apartment (MTA) model design.
  • Instantiate the component dynamically without putting it on a form.
  • Supports multiple instances running simultaneously.

  • Uses native Unicode API calls for best performance.
  • ActiveX control interface has all constants, enumerations, and types built in. Code completion, property categories, help strings, and context-sensitive F1 help fully supported.
  • Works with all 32-bit development environments that can use ActiveX controls, including VB, VC++, Delphi, C++ Builder, VFP, Office, Web scripting languages, ASP, and DCOM projects.

Encryption technology

  • Supports both strong secret-key encryption and public-key encryption.
  • Supports the new AES (Advanced Encryption Standard / Rijndael) algorithm, the Twofish algorithm, and the RSA encryption algorithm (RSAES-OAEP).
  • Secret-key (symmetrical) encryption support for 128-, 192-, or 256-bit keys.
  • Public-key (asymmetrical) encryption supports keys of 338 bits and up.

  • Supports Electronic Code Book (ECB) and Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) encryption modes.
  • Offers the SHA-2 hash functions.

Major operations

  • RFC-2437 compliant.
  • Fast, low memory usage algorithms.
  • Encrypt and decrypt data.
  • Digitally sign data.
  • Verify data against a digital signature.

  • Hash data (create message digests).
  • Sophisticated random number generator.
  • Process data directly from one memory buffer to another.
  • Process data from file to memory or from memory to file.
  • Process data from one file to another.
  • All function modes support streaming data.
  • Settable initialization vector for Cipher Block Chaining encryption mode.
  • Compare data byte-for-byte.
  • Offers all the tools you need to create a digital envelope.
  • Can efficiently work with the streaming compression library included with Xceed Zip for ActiveX, and/or Xceed Encoding for ActiveX to compress, decompress, encode, or decode data before encrypting or decrypting it, in a singe pass.

Documentation and samples

  • Complete, comprehensive documentation provided in an MSDN-style HTML format which is fully context-sensitive so that pressing F1 on a keyword in your IDE opens up the manual to the relevant topic.
  • Fully commented sample applications for various languages, including VB, Delphi, Visual C++ with ATL and MFC, C++ Builder, and Active Server Pages.