When you get an Xceed component, our developers become an extension of your team. They deeply understand .NET and WPF, and will gladly help you get through any roadblocks. Our goal is to let your team stay focused on coding what makes your application unique, not integrating controls or libraries.

Xceed components are licensed with 1-year subscriptions that give you an entire year of expert, priority support, plus updates. Your license to use the versions you receive never expires (See the License Agreement for details).

Get a Blueprint subscription if you also want the C# source code of the .NET product (and the XAML for WPF controls).

For mission-critical applications, get the Platinum subscription. See the table below for details.

  • Prompt telephone and email support
  • Includes major/minor upgrades
  • Hassle-free authentication, just email your questions

Platinum subscription

The Platinum subscription can be summed with two words: extreme support! Conceived of with companies producing mission-critical software in mind, the Platinum subscription represents the ultimate in guaranteed customer support. It has all the features of the standard subscription, but guarantees development team support for critical issues, priority bug fixes for your issues started within 1 week, 2-hour response time, and more. With an Platinum subscription, you get the very best in personalized, priority support, directly from the experts.

Standard subscription Blueprint subscription Platinum subscription
Priority support via email and telephone YES YES YES
1 business day response YES YES YES
Free automatic major and minor upgrades YES YES YES
Free licenses for new products added to your suite YES YES YES
Full C# source code of .NET products, plus XAML for WPF YES YES
Development team support for critical issues YES
2 hour response time during business hours YES
Scheduled callbacks 24/7 YES
Priority bug fixes for your issues started within 1 week YES
Cellphone + text message access to management YES