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Xceed DataGrid for WPF Cheat Sheet

Product Quick Early History

  • Development started in 2005, at the earliest iteration of WPF.
  • Initially released in early 2007, for free!
  • Developed following the then-new WPF Standards with .NET 3.0
  • Was already feature riched but lacked important features for customers like Master Detail support.
  • Later in 2008, Xceed DataGrid 2.0 now had Master Detail but was only then included in the Pro version
    • The Free version still exist but had the name “Express edition”
  • The product then received updates every quarter almost non-stop for the next 10 years
  • Was highly regarded as the top product of its category by users and was also USED by Micorosft on various projects, including their own Visual Studio.

What’s unique about Xceed DataGrid for WPF?

  • First Commercial DataGrid on the Market
  • Has received non-stop updates since 2005
  • Xceed is a WPF focus business, not spread across multiple platforms.
  • We are performant enough for traders

WPF and DataGrid Lingo and Buzzwords you may hear

  • MVVM: Programming Standards used in modern Apps.
    • Xceed DataGrid is MVVM Friendly
  • UI Automation: Framework used to automate the tests and for disability
    • Xceed Datagrid Support UI Automation
  • Virtualization / Virtualized: A way to load data more efficiently… in some contexts.
    • Xceed DataGrid does support Data Vitualization
  • Does it work in Visual Studio 20XX
    • Yes, Xceed always remains up to speed with the latest Visual Studio
  • Does it support the latest version of .NET
    • Yes, Xceed keeps the grid in sync with the latest versions of .NET
  • Master Detail
    • Yes, we support Master Detail since version 2.0.
  • Does it do “Something Excel”
    • Xceed works hard to support the most features for Excel, in doubt, talk to support.

How does it work?

Let’s take a look at the graphic above.

  • The DataGrid is used in software applications that require data to be displayed.
  • The DataBase is used to provide data to the datagrid
  • Users can then decide using our product how to display the data and add relevant information (statistics and other calculations)
  • The data can be displayed as “read only” meaning that you can’t edit the data, rather just display it.
  • Or on the other end, it can be used to update the data from the database.

Keep in mind, that the data source can be very different depending on the customers need. This of the stock market, which could and is used to display data in our product or weather information, medical files etc…