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Xceed Toolkit Plus for WPF

Product Quick History

  • Product started as a free project.
  • The project received little to no updates.
  • Xceed acquired the product and starts updating it based on community feedback
  • Xceed then proceeded to adding advanced functionalities in a commercial version
  • Xceed still updated the Free version therefore contributing to the community
  • WPF Toolkit as been downloaded more than 1 million times

So why do you need the WPF Toolkit?

  • When Microsoft released WPF, their framework was very bare in terms of controls. Quite a few critical controls were missing which made programmers recode them over and over. The WPF Toolkit is the sum of all the controls you will need in your project. To put it simply, this product is recommended for anyone who has or is starting a WPF project. This will fill in the massive gap in the basic control offered with WPF.

Some special elements in the Xceed WPF Toolkit Plus

Includes a series of essential controls including :

  • A light version of the Xceed DataGrid for WPF
  • An advanced property Grid
  • Modern and advanced docking windows control
  • And more than 60 controls
  • With 8 different themes to match the look and feel of your application

Xceed WPF Toolkit Plus Lingo

What’s the difference between the free and commercial version?

  • The free version is not updated as frequently and is missing a few controls.
  • The commercial version is adapted for business applications, which includes tech support and bug fixing

Who should be using the free version then?

  • The free version is great for personal applications and none business critical. Otherwise, Xceed highly recommends purchasing the commercial version for better ease of mind.