March 2017 – Xceed releases updates and new components


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New components:

Added 2 new libraries for Xamarin, Xceed FTP for Xamarin and Xceed Zip for Xamarin, for a total of four libraries now available for Xamarin iOS and Android development. They are based on and are identical to their .NET counterparts in features, function and usage. Users of Xceed Data Manipulation Suite and Xceed Ultimate Suite receive them as part of their subscriptions.

Xceed DataGrid for WPF has been updated to v6.2 with improved MVVM support, performance and feature updates, and more. 23 improvements and bug fixes in all. [Release Notes]

Xceed Toolkit Plus for WPF has been updated to v3.3 with 45 improvements and bug fixes. [Release Notes]

Xceed Grid for WinForms has been updated to v4.1 with bug fixes. [Release Notes]

Xceed Chart for WinForms has been updated to v4.4 with bug fixes. [Release Notes]

Xceed Words for .NET has been updated to v1.1. Bug fixes and improvements. [Release Notes]

Xceed Zip for .NET, Real-Time Zip for .NET, and Real-Time Zip for Xamarin updated to v6.2 to synchronize with new Xamarin libraries. Minor exception message change. [Release Notes]

Xceed SFTP for .NET and for Xamarin updated to v6.2 with remote command execution (RFC 4254 Section 6.5) and documentation. [Release Notes]

Xceed FTP for .NET updated to v6.2, version synchronization with new FTP library for Xamarin.

We hope you love these new updates and components!
The Xceed Team