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    I see that x-axis\y-axis labels and grids are not aligned to values. For example, one of my datapoints is (2,10.99). But on the chart I see y-axis value 10,83 and is not at x-axis value 2. It’s bit off. I see the same problem with y-axis. I see grid line 10.845 instead of 10.99.

    I am also wondering how to set x-axis and y-axis label’s as whole numbers instead of decimals.



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    1) Position of labels
    What type of Chart are you using ? (Line, Column, Area, Pie) ? Did you modified the Label or Marker templates ? Can you submit a sample showing the issue ?
    You can try the Demo available here : http://xceed.com/WPF_Toolkit_Demo.html. In the “Charts/Type” sample, we can see that the Markers are correctly positioned in the chart. You will find the DataPoints in the XAML tab of the sample, near the end.
    2) Non-decimal values for axis labels
    You can set the Axis.ScaleMode property to “Manual” and then adjust the following properties on the Axis :
    You will be able to customize it, for example : I want to graduate from 0 to 5, with a TickCount of 5. This will result in labels displayed as 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
    This can be set individually on each axis. 
    This can be tested in the demo, in sample “Charts/Axis”.

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