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    I want the DetailGrid to copy the columns from the parent. That’s why I create columns in the “DetailsExpanding” Event like this:

    private void DgCommands_DetailsExpanding(object sender, DetailsExpansionChangingEventArgs e)
                var dc = e.DataGridContext.DetailConfigurations[0];
                if (dc.AutoCreateColumns &&
                    dc.Columns.Count() == 0)
                    dc.AutoCreateColumns = false;
                    foreach (var c in e.DataGridContext.Columns)
                        var col = new Column()
                            FieldName = c.FieldName,
                            Title = c.Title,
                            CellEditorDisplayConditions = c.CellEditorDisplayConditions,
                            Width =  new ColumnWidth(c.Width.Value, c.Width.UnitType), // Width= "*"
                            VisiblePosition = c.VisiblePosition,
                            IsMainColumn = c.IsMainColumn,

    That works out so far but the first column has a width of 0 even though it has a star.
    Do I have to tell the Grid, that it has to update the columns? How?
    Do I have to create the columns on a different position?

    Thanks for help

    PS: Using DataGrid for WPF v6.7

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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