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    A question about the wpf datagrid control. The Xceed team has
    done a really great job. However when playing more with the datagrid
    and binding the grid to a datatable or BindingListCollectionView (as
    described in the documentation) or to a regular list collection, we are
    experiencing that the column sorting is slow. We have tried with just
    100 records and 4 columns and are experiencing delays in single column

    Is there something which we are missing? Any property to set, or any
    particular type of collection, which we can use to improve the sort? If
    not is it something which the exceed team will work in the upcoming

    Your reply on the above question will be helpful.

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    Thanks for the encouraging comment 🙂

    We have worked on the sorting speed and when v1.1 is released, you should find that the performance is a lot better. The release of v1.1 is not very far off.

    Meanwhile, a new update is going to be put online sometime later today or tomorrow morning (though not with the improved sorting speed).


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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