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    I just opened a .NET 1.0 project in Visual Studio 2005 and let it update the project to .NET 2.0. Now when I try to open the form designer I get a “runtime licensing exception”–>

    To avoid this runtime licensing exception, set the LicenseKey property of the Xceed.SmartUI.Licenser class with your Trial or Registered license key as described in the documentation’s ‘Licensing’ topic.
    at Xceed.SmartUI.Licenser.CheckLicense(Object licensedObject, Type rootType)
    at Xceed.SmartUI.SmartItem.DoInitialize()
    at Xceed.SmartUI.SmartItem..ctor(String text)
    at Xceed.SmartUI.Controls.MenuBar.MainMenuItem..ctor(String text)

    But the keys are already set, as shown here:
    public Form1()
    Xceed.SmartUI.Licenser.LicenseKey = “myRegisteredKey”;
    Xceed.DockingWindows.Licenser.LicenseKey = “myRegisteredKey”;

    Funny thing is, when I run the application it works fine. What gives?

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    License checking was removed since last january in all the design time.

    If you have the latest version of the package installed and you still have get this error at design time, please submit this case to our support :

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