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    I am very impressed by your Datagrid for WPF ! I am an architect at organization looking for a alternative to the HTML/Javascript/CSS mess of delivering a rich WEB UI. Your tool looks like a great alternative as we can use C# on the client and server. However XBAP will be a hard sell given the requirement for .net 3.0 on the client machine and it’s IE only requirement. Silverlight looks like the next best thing but all the demos I have seen are Video and “Flash” killers. My understanding is that Silverlight is a “watereddown” version of WPF and as such can your grid run in this environent. If so we might have the answer to our GUI woes.

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    Thanks for the praise on Xceed DataGrid for WPF.

    Your main question seems to be about WPF vs. Silverlight. These are two fundamentally different beasts, though they are more related cosmetically than anything else. It is an interesting subject that has yet to reveal all its implications…

    WPF is all about creating the richest possible Windows desktop application experiences, though thanks to Click-Once and XBAP, you can make deployment and maintenance a whole lot more painless than usual. It has also been out for nearly a year and is also about to receive its first major update with .NET 3.5, so it is not a v1 anymore. The keywords for WPF are Windows, Richest and Now.

    Don’t let Silverlight v1.0 enter the equation, it is only a spearhead, a way to get an initial Silverlight plug-in installed on as many systems as possible, with video as the bait. Silverlight updates to v.Next automatically. Silverlight v1.1, with its cross-platform, cross-browser version of the .NET framework, C#, VB.NET, performance of compiled code, watered-down but easier WPF and dynamic runtime library — that’s the game changer. It is an upcoming, compelling option for easily creating rich applications that run in browsers everywhere. Easy because developers get to use almost the same rich development tools, frameworks and languages that they use for rapidly developing desktop applications. The keywords are: Everywhere, Rich and Later.

    Xceed DataGrid for WPF will not run on Silverlight. Xceed must build another data grid control targeting Silverlight. That other data grid control for Silverlight, though, may also run on WPF, it is a possibility. However, it will not offer the kinds of amazing experiences that are being prototyped for the next few releases of our WPF-only data grid. Silverlight v1.1’s leaner and easier WPF has its limitations.

    The important thing to keep in mind at the moment is, Silverlight v1.1 is still heavily under development, and quite a while before being RTM’d. It is also part of a group of frameworks (along with Adobe’s Flex/Air, maybe JavaFX) that threatens Microsoft’s Windows cash-cow by rendering the underlying operating system less relevant. So a lot could drastically change, as the implications of Silverlight go deep. Waiting for Silverlight v1.1 to release and depending on that for your next applications is a hard-core early-adopter strategy. WPF was released January 2007, a new version is coming out imminently (so it is not a v1 anymore) and Visual Studio 2008 will have all the built-in tools that were missing. Its early-adopter stage is fading.

    If you can live with your “Web” application running only in browsers running on Windows XP and Vista, and you can get past the .NET 3.0 requirement for XP due to all the other advantages (no “mess” of HTML/Javascript/CSS), then WPF, especially with Visual Studio 2008 making things easier with the design-time support, can let you build a Web-usable UI now…

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    Thank you for you response as it was most insightful. It looks like we are stuck in the “mess” of Javascript/CSS/Ajax for a while. I must add that our business users do not need all the great effects that WPF will provide, it must look good, be skin able and of course bindable to server side data sources. I think the example is what we can do now with the ASP grids from vendors like yourself, telerik and etc. if we can deliver UIs like these using C# then we have a winner. From what I see about Silverlight , the subset that delivers should be able to deliver a user experience that meets these requirements. Remember we are willing to sacrifice “coolness” for simplifying the development process, escaping the mess we are in is extremely important.

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