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    I have a few questions:

    What needs to be done to visually distinguish readonly columns from editable columns(i.e. with cell editors)

    is it possible to cut/paste rows within the grid?


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    1. You can add a trigger in a custom DataRow style for the ReadOnly property and appropriatly change the visual property you desire… You can refere to other posts on this forum if you have problems creating this style as there is plenty of example in on the forum about creating alternate row styles

    2. While the DataGridControl does not support Cut/Paste commands directly, you can implement by yourself mush of the required actions by setting the DataGridControl as the child of a control that handles the ApplicationCommands.Cut/Copy/Paste Commands and performs the appropriate actions on the ItemsSource or Items collection.

    The reason why we did not implement initially any Copy/Cut/Paste features in the DataGridControl is that since the DataGridControl can work with “any” type of data, it would be hard to know how to handle the various type of clipboard data formats possible (while the programmer of an application can easily handle situations specific to their needs).

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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