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    Two questions please – I’m just a newbe

    1 If I set/leave alone AutoCreateColumns to true/default, have an InsertRow defined and set the columns I want visible things work the way I expect. I can edit the existing data and insert new data into the InsertRow. If I set the AutoCreateColumns to false and create the columns in the code the insert row is displayed but I can not entered any data. I can edit existing data.

    the code looks like this that works as expeacted

    //                m_lDataGridControl.AutoCreateColumns = false;

                       M_lDataGRidControl.Columns{“Text1”].Title = “TEST”;

                        m_lDataGridControl.Columns[“Text4”].Visible = false;


                         m_lDataGridControl.Colums{“Text20”].Visible = false;

     What does not work the way I expect is

                  m_lDataGridControl.AutoCreateColumns = false;

                   Column cColumn = new Column();

                   CColumn.Fieldname = “Text1”;

                   cColumn.Title = “TEST”;


     /*                  m_lDataGRidControl.Columns{“Text1”].Title = “TEST”;

                        m_lDataGridControl.Columns[“Text4”].Visible = false;


                         m_lDataGridControl.Colums{“Text20”].Visible = false; */

     Second question is there a way that after you press the return key in the InsertRow and enter a new row that the cell in the InsertRow is in editmode instead of the user having to select the row. The idea is to create a seamless insert process where the user can enter data into a row, tab to each cell in the row enter data, press return and continue entering data on the new blank insertion row

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    When working with AutoCreateColumns = false, for the InsertionRow to
    function property, you will need to manually set CellEditors on the


    <Column CellEditor=”{x:Static xcdg:CellEditor.TextBoxEditor}” />

     As for your second question, you can find the answer in this thread.

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     I think that I also encountered this issue.

     If I don’t define the cellEditor for a dataTable bound data grid (with AutoCreateColumns false) I cannot edit the cells in a new row.

     However, if I pre-populate the values of the new row during the TableNewRow datatable event (even empty non-null strings), I can edit those rows.




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