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    I am using QuickZip.Unzip in my application to unzip a split zipped file that spans multiple disks. I would like to display progress as well as have the ability to cancel the operation at any time. I am unable to find adequate documentation on the callbacks associated with the method. What is the purpose of ‘abort’ in the ItemProgression callback ? Any additional info or examples would be appreciated.

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    Diane [Xceed]
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    Hi MP,

    The Zip and Unzip methods have several overloads, including some that allow you to track item and/or byte progression.

      QuickZip.Zip: List, Overload 1, Overload 2
      QuickZip.Unzip: List, Overload

    As for the Abort property in the ItemProgression callback, if you set it to True it will cancel the entire zip/unzip operation. We will look into making that information more clear in the documentation.

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