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    I’m trying to find a good way out to force a customized order to the ObservableCollection coming from LeftSide.Children when you click on autohide button (vertical pinned image belonging to AnchorablePaneTitle element). The default order depends on which panel has been closed before. Is there a good way to tell to AvalonDock that – for example – the Panel A should be appear as third element, Panel B as first element, etc…, once they are autohidden?
    Thank you in advance.

    Fawzi [Xceed]
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    When Auto-hidden, a LayoutAnchorablePane (which contains LayoutAnchorables), will show its LayoutAnchorable’s title on the side of the window, in the same order as they appear when not auto-hidden. You can test this in the LiveExplorer, in sample Others/AvalonDock, where the 2 LayoutAnchorables (Alarms and Journal) can be auto-hidden and will appear in the same order on the side of the window. Modifying the LayoutAnchorable’s position will use this same position order once these LayoutAnchorables are auto-hidden.

    Can you explain : « The default order depends on which panel has been closed before » ?
    Can you provide a sample of the issue ?

    If you wish to have a different order of LayoutAnchorables one auto-hidden, you can go in file :
    in method :
    in region :
    Anchorable is docked

    from there, all the LayoutAnchorables will be added into the new Anchor group and the group will be positionned on the side of the window. You can modify the LayoutAnchorables position into the anchor group.

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    Thank you for your reply.
    I am providing a picture to make the scenario clearer. « Connection Manager » and « Licensing » are auto-hidden two anchorables. « Connection Manager » is above « Licensing ». When I am in the scenario described in picture_2.png, if I click on Auto-Hide button (middle button in the AnchorablePaneTitle) of Licensing’s panel first and then Connection Manager’s panel, the order has been changed (« Connection Manager » is below « Licensing »).

    My question is: how can I keep original order after any opening/closing panels actions?



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