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    Hi, I’m a bit confused abut the current custom sorting capabilities of the datagrid; in the documentation I find a sample for grouping according to a custom sortcomparer, but nothing about custom sort proper. So:

    – in the case of a grid having a specific (hidden) column corresponding to a field with calculated values for sorting, is there a way of telling another column to filter according to the hidden column? e.g. (that’s a pointless sample, but just for clarity) let’s say I have a field with strings like “one”, “two”, “three” (column A, visible) and another field with their numeric values 1,2,3 (column B, hidden): is there a way of telling the grid that whenever the user wants to sort by A the sort values should be retrieved from B?

    – in the case of sort values being calculated during sort, is there a way of providing a custom sort function like the IComparer implementors used for custom grouping? And if not, what are your plans and schedules about this feature now that 2.0 is forthcoming?


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    Hi Mathetes,

    You can implementing a sorting of a field using values of another by implementing a custom comparer, a DataGridItemProperty whose valuePath is the entire business object and a CellContentTemplate that will display the desired field.

    Find attached a sample that implements such feature.


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