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    CollectionControl does not expose PropertyGrid property so I’m unable to set a custom editor template on some of the properties contained in the PropertyGrid.

    Getting into the details:
    The ItemSource of a CollectionControl is a list of objects: List<Foo>.
    Foo object contains several properties, one of which is a Bar object.
    These properties are listed in the PropertyGrid (contained in a CollectionControl): Xceed Toolkit applies its own editors, where available, but he doesn’t know what to do with the Bar object and leaves only: ‘IList<Foo>.Bar (or something like that).

    How can I set a custom EditorTemplate on the Bar object?


    Fawzi [Xceed]
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    We were able to reproduce the issue. This should be fixed in our upcoming service release V3.4.

    The idea would be to declare the EditorTemplateDefinitions of all the properties you want to have a custom editor in the PropertyGrid.EditorDefinitions property, as you are currently doing. The CollectionControl’s PropertyGrid would be using this EditorDefinitions to customize its specific properties.

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    Great, thank you!

    In the meanwhile I’ll decorate the properties with the Editor attribute.

    All the best

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    We are currently using some CustomPropertyItem and would like to use an EditorComboBoxDefinition for presenting a combo box in the PropertyGrid.

    The CustomPropertyItem has an Editor property from its base class PropertyItemBase.
    However, this property is a System.Windows.FrameworkElement type and cannot be set from an EditorComboBoxDefinition.

    How can I set the Editor property on a CustomPropertyItem?

    Diane [Xceed]
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    This is to inform you that the following issue was fixed in the latest version (Toolkit for WPF v3.4):
    “In PropertyGrid, defining EditorDefnitions will now apply them to the custom editors of the CollectionControl’s PropertyGrid.”

    Download Link: http://forums.xceed.com/latest-xceed-toolkit-plus-for-wpf

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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