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    I recently began using Xceed Zip for .NET v5.0 and took a look at the sample code that ships with the install. I wanted to see how Xceed’s performance is affected by very large encrypted Zip operations.  I need the resulting zip to be compatible with the latest WinZip.

    I generated 140,000 files, each 1k in size and used the sample’s AddFilesToZip method to create the archive.  After 50 minutes of waiting, I killed the process.  I repeated the test, but turned off encryption and the whole zip process took around 9 and a half minutes.

    I changed the code to use the QuickZip class, but it is performing equally slow.

    Is there a more efficient mechanism in Xceed for adding hundreds of thousands of files to a zip archive?

    ** I realize that a more efficient approach would be to create an unencrypted zip and then zip that file with encryption.  This would let winzip read the file and would avoid WinZip’s poor “encrypt every file individually” performance issue.

    Thank you!

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    Hi Tim,

    Have you tried the Xceed Real-Time Zip for .NET instead. This component performs less checks than the Xceed Zip for .NET. You can view the features list here. Jenny has also posted a blog not too long ago showing the differences between Xceeds compression components which can be found here. You can then test to see which component is faster (the Xceed Real-Time Zip for .NET should talk the cake) and determine which component best fits your scenario.

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