Home Forums .NET libraries Xceed Zip & Real-Time Zip for .NET You claim that Xceed Zip is 100% compatible with the PKZIP 2.04g zip file format. However, I have files that can be unzipped by PKZIP 2.04g (or up) but will not be unzipped by Xceed Zip. Why?

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    Keep in mind that Xceed Zip is compatible with the 2.04g file format – not the actual 2.04g application itself. In other words, any Zip file created by PKZIP 2.04g can be unzipped by Xceed Zip, and any Zip file created with Xceed Zip can be unzipped by PKZIP 2.04g. However, some zip files made with versions of PKZIP before 2.0 (over 7 years old) would compress files with older, less efficient algorithms. Xceed Zip is not backwards compatible with these old zip files. The PKZIP application retains backwards compatibility.

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