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    I’m using BV6, i want to encrypt a zip file using the encryption method xemWinZipAES but I get this error on the line where I set the Encryption Method to xemWinZipAES. I have red all the forums relating to a possible problem but noting helps.

     Here is my code:

     Dim lvLicence As Boolean

        lvLicence = XceedZip1.License(“##### – ###### – ###### – ####”) 

        XceedZip1.ZipFilename = “C:\Users\bviljoen\Desktop\Filename.zip”

        XceedZip1.FilesToProcess = “C:\MyFiles\*”

        XceedZip1.ProcessSubfolders = False

        XceedZip1.EncryptionMethod = xemWinZipAES

        XceedZip1.EncryptionStrength = 256

        XceedZip1.EncryptionPassword = “password”

        Dim resultcode As xcdError

        resultcode = XceedZip1.Zip()

        MsgBox (resultcode)


    I got the code from a example on Xceed. Now if the code is fine, I want to know what licence key I need to get this error to disapear.



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    Diane [Xceed]
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    Hi Berthus,

    Please refer to the Remarks section of the EncryptionMethod property in our documentation:


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