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    Can you help me about the basics of 3d graphics by using Xceed.i can’t find any sample codes.the basic problem i couldn’t understand is how a 3d chart is drawn according to my values.3d means that there are 3 variables and when i write these values, the program should show me the result as XYZ scatter bars in the other windows form.


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    Diane [Xceed]
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    Hi Cerkez,

    Our installation package includes several sample projects.

    Depending on the version you install, they should be in one of these locations:
       C:\Xceed Samples\Xceed Chart for .NET v#.#\
       C:\Xceed Component Samples\Xceed Chart for .NET #.#\Samples

    You can also access the Chart Explorer from the QuickStart link (on your desktop by default). From there if you select Xceed Chart for .NET, you will see useful links such as “Documentation”, “Samples Folder” and “Launch Xceed Chart Explorer for .NET”.


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