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    I developed a test app with the Chart .NET version 4.1 under VS2005.

    I loaded a new system with VS2008 and installed a trial of Xceed which uses Chart .NET version 4.2

     On importing my VS205 project everything is fine until I load the form with the chart. I get an error saying it can’t find the dll because it’s looking for version which is no longer on my system. I’ve searched everywhere for where this version is specified in my project files but can see nothing.

     I can add a v4.2 Chaet Control to another form, but I can’t open the original form.

    Can someone tell me how my project files can be changed to correctly refer to the 4.2.x.x dll


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    You will need to close the designer, open the .Designer.cs or .vb file, remove the ChartControl in code, open the .resx file and remove all references to the chart, basically comment all code in the form.cs or .vb file, save it and recompile the project.  Then open the designer, drop the ChartControl on the designer, uncomment the code in the form.cs (.vb), and compile again.  It should work.

    The reason for this is that the persistence of the chart is saved into the .resx file, which unfortunately is not update-able.  Version references are kept in the .resx file, explaining the issue.

    For future upgrades, what you can do is to delete the ChartControl from the designer before upgrading our components, and once the upgrade is complete, add the component to the form again.  The project should compile fine.

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