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    Hi guys,

    I want to use the Exceed.Editors.WinVerticalScrollBar control but I encountered a problem. If I set the Minimum  property to a negative value (e.g -22) then, when I start dragging the thumb, the Value starts from 0, instead of -22.

     I’ve made a simple test, so if you want to reproduce it, just add the vertical scroll bar to a panel, and in the scroll event handler, just update a label’s text with the scroll bar value. And then try to drag the thumb in run-time. Using the arrows or even large increment/decrement does not produce this bug.

     I set the scroll bar like this:

                winVerticalScrollBar1.Minimum = -22;
                winVerticalScrollBar1.Maximum = 159;
                winVerticalScrollBar1.SmallChange = 1;
                winVerticalScrollBar1.LargeChange = 20;
                winVerticalScrollBar1.Value = winVerticalScrollBar1.Minimum;

    In my application the minimum (vertical as well as horizontal) scroll values can be negative so I need this behavior not to occur because I also need the users to be able to correctly scroll by using the thumb. Is it a known bug? Or do I miss something? Is there a workaround for this?




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    Hi Bogdan,


    This situation is a limitation by design of the Xceed Grid WinVerticalScrollBar Editor. There is, unfortunately, no workaround at the moment to address it.

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