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    Hi, I am trying to set up a style for a NumericTextBox that changes forground color when the input is invalid or out of range.

    The trigger on Property=”HasParsingError” Value=”True” works fine however I can’t define a trigger that works to detect when Value=NullValue which indicates an out of range error.

     I have tried the following trigger definitions

    Property=”Value” Value=”null”

    Property=”Value” Value=””

    Property=”Value” Value=”-1″   (In this case I had set NullValue=”-1″ on the NumericTextBox)

    In no cases will the trigger fire.  I even tried to define a binding to the NullValue property only to find trigger values don’t support binding.  Am I missing something obvious?  Looking at the value of “Value” and “NullValue” in a LostFocus handler I can see that they are equal when expected so why can’t I get a trigger to work.

    Many Thanks


    Adrian Heath

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    Property=”Value” Value=”{x:Null}”

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