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    We will be updating the documentation to make this information easier to find, but in the meantime, here is a quick list of what was added:

    ColumnBase can now be set in ressource, plus it now has a DataGridControl property making it possible to reach the DataContext and bind the columns properties to the ViewModel.


    SynchronizeCurrent and SynchronizeSelectionWithCurrent properties on DataGridControl, making it easier to sync the current item and selection of the datagrid through the ViewModel.


    AutoRemoveColumnsAndDetailConfigurations property on DatagridControl making it easier to dynamically change the source of the DataGridControl, goes hand-in-hand with AutoCreateColumns and AutoCreateDetailConfigurations.



    We want to meet our customer’s MVVM needs as much as possible, and so are open to any and all feedback.

    If you have any other needs to facilitate MVVM implementations with our product, please let us know.

    Please send your comments, suggestions and requests by email to support@xceed.com. Thank you.

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