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    When the user encounters a validation error, the red exclamation icon pops up. I would like to add an additional emphasis to the control that generated the error, such as changing the background color to red (for instance, a wintextbox would have a background color of red and a foreground color of yellow). I’d also like to disable all other wintextboxes on the tab that contains the error-throwing control so the user is forced to fix the problem before proceeding. I can’t find any event handlers, though, that can listen for an error, so I’m lost on how to proceed.

    Could you tell me if I’m missing something and if no, if there is a workaround that you could recommend? This is such a great control – it’s made my coding SO much easier.

    Thanks again for your wonderful support.


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    You could use the ValidatingText event on the TextBoxArea of the WinTextBox to change the BackColor of the Text area. You just need to add the validation to the event.

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