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    Hi. I am evaluating your products.

    I am trying to use a Combox as Editor in the grid. I don’t understand why I can’t use a bindingList as datasource…

     Here is the code of the Form. Any cues would be great. Thanks. See code below.

     private BindingList<PartyType> _listPartyType;
            private BindingList<Personne> _listPersonne;

            public Form1()
                _listPartyType = new BindingList<PartyType>();


            private void winButton1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
                _listPersonne = new BindingList<Personne>();
                grid.DataSource = _listPersonne;

                ComboBoxEditor multiColumnComboBoxEditor = new ComboBoxEditor(_listPartyType, “DisplayValue”, “ID”, “%DisplayValue%”);
                multiColumnComboBoxEditor.TemplateControl.DropDownSize = new Size(250, 150);
                grid.Columns[“PersonnePartyType”].CellEditorManager = multiColumnComboBoxEditor;
                grid.Columns[“PersonnePartyType”].CellViewerManager = new ComboBoxViewer(_listPartyType, “DisplayValue”, “ID”, “%DisplayValue%”);

                //dataRow.Cells[“Editors”].Value = 4;

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    This works fine.  The problem is the way you do the binding :

    new ComboBoxEditor(_listPartyType, “DisplayValue”, “ID”, “%DisplayValue%”);

    should be :

    new ComboBoxEditor(_listPartyType, string.Empty, “ID”, “%DisplayValue%”);

    The problem is that the ComboBox tries to bind to the “DisplayValue” property on the BindingList<> class, which it does not find.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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