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    1) The samples and installation methods are for Delphi 7. Can i get same for Delphi 2006 ? Tried to install in D2006, but component is not visible in palette. I will  prefer to use DLL directly and would like sample related to such use.

    2) I am receiving compressed array of bytes and have been told by vendor to use Xceed 4.2. Will using latest Xceed create any problem? 

    3) Does buffer compress/decompress use standard ZIP format or any proprietory format? 

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    1) There seems to be issues with the palette in Delphi 2006:


    DLL API isn’t directly supported in Delphi in that we don’t supply a
    Delphi header file containing the data structures and function
    prototypes. If you wish to use the DLL API in Delphi, you will have to
    translate the C/C++ header ‘XceedZipAPI.h’ or parts of it into Pascal.

    The sample in ‘Samples\Delphi 4-7\Dll API’ shows this.

    It should work. But you must make sure the compression method and
    compression format of the data you’re receiving is supported by the

    3) It uses a proprietary format. It consists of a header defined as the following C++ structure:

    struct SCompressHeader
      BYTE fcEncrypted  : 1;    // Indicates if the compressed data is encrypted
      BYTE fcReserved  : 3;    // Reserved for future use
      BYTE ecCompMethod : 4;    // Compression method: v4.5 –> 0=deflate, 1=store, 2=BWT
                                //                    v5.0 +-> 3=deflate64
                                //                    v6.1 +-> 4=BZip2
                                //                    v6.5 +-> 5=LZMA

      // Followed by optional encryption header

    There is also a 4 byte footer that consists of an Adler32 checksum of the uncompressed data.

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