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    Dear Wpf-Datagrid-Team @ XceedSoft

    I have 2 questions to upcoming Release 1.3 of WpfDataGridControl

    1.) Are there any improvements in handling the databinding to ObservableCollection<>
    derived classes together with adding new rows (InsertionRow)

    See also post 5971

    I want to use an InsertionRow AND a DataGridCollectionView (Sorting/Filter).
    Your approach by implementing IBindingList and assign this to DataGrid.ItemsSource direct
    is not very handy.

    We are an vanguard subscription customer, so can you please send any prerelease of an improved binding support, if applicable.

    2.) Can you please tell me your determined release date for V1.3.

    If binding will be fixed in V1.3 we can probably wait for this release.
    Otherwise I have to find any other applicable solution for my InsertionRow AND Sorting.



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    1) Yes and No. The problem that makes impossible insertion when a collection implement both IBindingList and INotifyCollectionChanged will be fixed. However, you will still need to implement IBindingList to support insertion. This is because INotifyCollectionChanged/ObservableCollection<T> are incomplete with regards to insertion of new items.

    2) There is no dates publicly available for the release of version 1.3… But I can say that it should be “real soon”.

    Also, since you are a vanguard subscriber, I strongly encourage you to contact priority@xceedsoft.com along with you priority support number for any inquiries, request or bug report. Effectively, this “community” forum is not supported by the support team and there is no warranty you will ever receive an answer to your concerns by posting here.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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