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    We’ve got an older .NET 1.1 program that uses FTP for .NET and ZIP for .NET.  A customer got the follow error message yesterday:

    An unexpected internal failure occurred in the FileSystem component, or one of its descendants.  Type: Xceed.FileSystem.MemoryFile  FullName: RAMDRIVE:\folder\XFS343b55d0-55d9-4ec2-969a-b84c2823f456.tmp

    I know there have been posts about other “unexpected internal failure” messages, but has anyone seen one of this nature, and if you have, did you find a fix?

    Here are the assembly versions:

    Xceed.FileSystem.dll  2.1.4579.0

    Xceed.Ftp.dll  2.0.4579.0

    Xceed.Zip.dll  2.1.4579.0



    PS – Here is the stack trace:


    at Xceed.FileSystem.FileSystemItem.CopyTo(FileSystemEvents events, Object userData, AbstractFolder destinationFolder, Boolean replaceExistingFiles)
    at Xceed.FileSystem.FileSystemItem.CopyTo(AbstractFolder destinationFolder, Boolean replaceExistingFiles)
    at Ivans.Ecs.Tm.ZIPCompression.RunCompression(String inFilePath, String outFilePath)
    at Ivans.Ecs.Tm.ZIPCompression.RunCompress(String inFilePath, String outFilePath)
    at Ivans.Ecs.Tm.Session.ApplySendArchiveCompress(SessionSendArchive currentSendArchive, SendClass activeSendClass)
    at Ivans.Ecs.Tm.Session.InitNewSendArchive(SendProfile currentSendProfile, Mailbox sendFromMailbox)
    at Ivans.Ecs.Tm.Session.ProcessAndQueueSendProfile(SendProfile currentSendProfile)
    at Ivans.Ecs.Tm.Session.QueueSendProfile(SendProfile currentSendProfile)

    Imported from legacy forums. Posted by Mike (had 1157 views)

    Xceed Support
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    Hi Mike, 

    We have seen this error before, and it has been fixed in the newer versions of the component. 

     I would suggest you download the latest dlls as they contain many enhancement and other bug fixes. 

    You can find a full list of updates at the following location updated regularly by the lead developer of the component:

    Imported from legacy forums. Posted by Michel [Xceed] (had 1421 views)

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