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    When i use a TracBar as an grid cell editor i receive the following error after editing the cell:

    Excepción no controlada del tipo ‘System.InvalidOperationException’ en xceed.grid.dll

    Información adicional: An attempt was made to select a row that does not belong to a grid.

    That occurs when i click in another cell of the same row to leave the edit mode.

    The code that creates the control and the events are:

    grid.SingleClickEdit = true;

    foreach(Xceed.Grid.DataRow row in grid.DataRows)
    Xceed.Grid.Cell carriles = row.Cells[<cell name>];

    TrackBar track = new TrackBar();
    track.Minimum = 0;
    track.Maximum = <int variable>;
    track.TickFrequency = 1;
    track.TickStyle = TickStyle.BottomRight;
    track.SmallChange = 1;
    track.LargeChange = 1;

    Xceed.Grid.Editors.CustomEditor trackEditor = new Xceed.Grid.Editors.CustomEditor(track, “Value”, true);
    carriles.CellEditor = trackEditor;

    Xceed.Grid.Editors.ControlViewer trackViewer = new Xceed.Grid.Editors.ControlViewer(track, “Value”);
    carriles.CellViewer = trackViewer;
    trackViewer.Control.Location = new Point(-1000, -1000);
    carriles.Value = <int value>;
    carriles.EditLeft += new EditLeftEventHandler(carriles_EditLeft);
    row.AllowCellNavigation = true;


    private void carriles_EditLeft(object sender, EditLeftEventArgs e)
    if (e.Commited)
    Xceed.Grid.DataCell cell = (Xceed.Grid.DataCell)sender;
    Xceed.Grid.DataRow row = (Xceed.Grid.DataRow)cell.ParentRow;
    if (row == null)

    <some code not affecting to grid>
    } <<<<<<<<<<<<< when reaches this point fires the exception mentioned above.

    Thanks for your help.

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    From what I see, this should work fine. That being said, can you send me a sample that replicates the issue along with the assemblies you are using? Please send this at suppport@xceedsoft.com and I will investigate further.

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