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    Could you tell us if there will be any changes to the DatePicker?
    I read in one of the messages in this forum that there might be.
    (Hopefully a way to let the user put the time in the DatePicker)

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    Hi Dave,

       Current version of the DatePicker already supports time input through the DateTimeMaskMode property. Simply specify the DateTimeMaskMode to one that includes time and you are all set.

       Be aware that using the drop-down to select a date will automatically reset the time.

       Also, if you only need time input, I suggest using the DateTimeTextBox, which has the DateTimeMaskMode property as well, but does not have the drop-down.

       For more details, you can refer to the EditorControls sample application.

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    Hello Marcus,

     For my program I have a few columns in my database that have both Date and Time in the column.  Its part of a program that lets the user schedule events. 

    The way the DatePicker is setup at the moment it makes it very clunky to adjust the date and time.  For instance if the users sees that a event needs to be rescheduled for another date….he clicks on it and selects the new date and the Time value is reset.  If the user wasn’t paying attention then he just lost what time that event is going to take place.  If the DatePicker had a section below the calendar that allowed the user to put the time in it would be a much more elegant solution.

     Also the example that you referred me to….it works (the shortdate shorttime and the shortdate longtime) but it doesn’t let the user see a calendar view.  So the user could schedule a work event accidently on a Holiday or a weekend….

    The reason I don’t divide the DateTime columns into a Date column and a Time column is that other controls that I use that show a different view of the Event schedule want these in just 1 column.  (Plus I have thousands upon thousands of rows of events that are already in the format that 1 column has both the data and time)

    On a side note I have seen other DatePicker type of controls that have this functionality built in….but unfortunely none of them were for WPF.

    I am almost tempted to make my own control but I am not yet very familar with how to do this in WPF and wouldn’t I need the source code for the DatePicker to do this? 



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