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    <b>January 25, 2007</b>

    We’re very proud to launch the first publicly available Datagrid component for Windows Presentation Foundation. And it is totally free.

    Our development team would love to obtain your feedback and requests for this new product. We are already at work on new updates, and have plenty of room to work on items that you, as part of the Xceed community, feel are important.

    What would you like to see next? More templates? 3D carousel views? More themes? More features — if so, which ones?

    Please feel free to post issues, bugs and gripes here too. We’ll be reading and responding to you here on a regular basis. We’re all ears.

    Enjoy the new product!

    Odi, on behalf of the entire Xceed development team.
    Have a great 2007.

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    My initial impression is very good. I would love it if you would release the “Live Explorer” theme that is used in the XBAP demo, but the product is very nice otherwise. A 3D carousel would be nice, as well as a tree (org chart).


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    this is a great move of Xceed!
    My initial impressions are very good. Feature wise it’s very well equipped already.
    I would love to make this part of a financial trading application that my company is working on. However, for this, performance needs to be very good (cell updates/sec is critical). So, if it was up to me, I’d suggest making performance initially a big priority before bloating it with additional features. Now, I haven’t done any performance tests with it yet (maybe it’s great already 😉 ) but will certainly report back when I have collected some data.



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    Thank you very much, this is really a great control!

    Nevertheless, I’d like to create a custom look&feel – I couldn’t find any examples how to do this …?


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    You can find some examples on how to create a custom look&feel in “Xceed Components” installation folder, under the “Xceed DataGrid for WPF 1.0\Samples\CSharp\CustomViews”.

    This corresponds to what is visible in the LiveExplorer under the “Look and Feel” / “Custom Views” tab.

    Also, we provided you with all the XAML code we used to build our views and themes in the “Xceed DataGrid for WPF 1.0\Themes” folder, for reference purpose.

    With this, you should be able “kickstart” your customization.

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    I think I’ve fallen in love with the WPF DataGrid.
    Thank you for such a wonderful and FREE product!

    In the future, I would love to see a Tree component.

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    I’ve been searching on this forum and have found some really great resource information about how to do certain things with the datagrid. There is many threads and posts that talk about styles and how to create them. What I’m not able to find is how to you apply a theme? What are the steps involved to select and use one of the pre-defined supplied themes that comes with the sample application.

    As near as I can find there is a Property on the DataGrid.View Class for Theme, but the value is set to a dynamic resource that doesn’t exists. The Comment in the sample even states this.

    <!– In this sample, you can define this resource to specify the default
    theme this DataGridControl will be in. This is not mandatory, so we
    use a DynamicResource to silently ignore its absence. –>
    <xcdg:TableView Theme=”{DynamicResource defaultTheme}”/>

    What would the defaultTheame DynamicResource look like in a XAML code perspective? I understand what the sample leads, and that would be to supply a listbox or series of radio buttons or someother method for dynamically selecting the current theme.

    What should the value of the Theme property be? a URI path to the theme?

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    Please disregard the previous post, I’ve figured it out after reading the Help document for this control. Very well written I might add.

    I’ve seen other controls done in XAML such as the .NET Components from Infragistics, not that impressive at this point, your DataGrid is far better and easier to use IMHO. DesignTime features for styling the Grid and adding bound controls such as dropdowns, or other grids to cells or rows would be a nice feature.

    More databinding examples, maybe something to show how to bind the grid to a dataset coming from a webservice method call.

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