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    Due to export control regulations by the Canadian government, we can’t provide strong encryption as free, uncontrolled, downloads. This is why using a trial license key will have the consequence of truncating (weakening) the encryption keys. Nothing changes in the encryption algorithms. With symmetrical ciphers (Rijndael and Twofish), the library just put ‘0’ in the last 11 bytes of the SecretKey before using it. In case of RSA, the library will simply refuse strong KeyPairs.

    This has no impact on your code. The code you write during a trial period will be usable as-is in production code, once you purchase the product. The only things you should keep in mind are:

    1 – The verifications performed in the TestVector sample won’t pass (every test will result in an error).

    2 – The library won’t be compatible with other libraries. For instance, even though the Xceed library can be configured to be compatible with the .NET framework encryption, it won’t be possible to do it during the trial.

    3 – You won’t be able to decrypt encrypted results produced during a trial once you start using a registered license key.

    4 – Obviously, you should never encrypt sensitive information with Xceed Encryption Library during the trial period.

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