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       Just like to report a bug in GridSurfaceSeries – A clipping error (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clipping_%28computer_graphics%29) occurs on the 3D grid when there is a data “mountain” with zero level data “plain”. To reproduce: Rotate the view so the mountain blocks the view of the zero data plain. Normally the mountain should always block sight of the zero level plain, but as the view is rotated the flat zero level plain suddenly jumps forward to block the view of the mountain – should never happen while the Mountain of data is in front of and obscuring the zero level data plain of course.  Makes rotating and looking at  displayed data very problematic in this situation.

    Just let me know where i can send a screenshot if you can’t reproduce it and/or my description is not adequate, thanks.



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    We will take you on your offer Keith, we weren’t able to “see” what you had in mind. Could you send us through e-mail the screenshot and if you were able to, a way of reproducing this.

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