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    I’m new to xceed, and I want to do something that maybe off of the beaten path. Would you please give me a hint on how I should approach this problem? I want to display subrows in my grid. Here is a simplified problem.

    public Class PetOwner
    public string FirstName {get {…}}
    public string LastName {get {…}}
    public List<Pet> Pets {get {…}}

    public class Pet
    public string Name {get {…}}
    public string species {get {…}}

    I want my grid to look something like:
    First Name Last Name Number of Pets
    + Sandy Jackson 1
    – Jim Johnson 2
    Fido, Dog
    Snowy, Dog
    + Goerge Dow 4

    Note how the second row has been expanded to expose the pet detail information.


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    Hierarchical Data Binding is not supported at the moment in the DataGridControl…

    This feature is on our TODO list for a future release ( but we have no timeframe at the moment).

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