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    I had a sneaking suspicion this dealt with my .NET 3.5 Framework installation, but it has happened on two of my machines. The rest of the devs on my team (and all testers) have no had this problem.

    The discrepancies are subtle to most but to me they stand out greatly — at the last DataRow there will be a line that generally fills to the bottom of the grid. Also, because column widths can’t fill a certain grid width, sometimes these perfectly sized grids will required a few pixels worth of horizontal scrolling where other machines are perfect.

    Here’s a grid where you should be able to see the most prominent effects. Is it the assemblies that are wrong, or the fault of the framework? I’ve reinstalled, reformatted, etc, and someone even suggested my video drivers were at fault (8800GTS WHQL’s). Need help understanding why this happens!


    Eric Rodewald

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    Hi Eric,

    I am not sure what I should be looking at. Would it be possible for you to highlight the issues you are seeing in the image so I can get a better picture of the problem (no pun intended!)

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