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    When I have some data deals with large values, the bar chart can show the value and rendering the values at Y-axis in the auto large Y-value rendering. How do I do it to drill down the rendering value at Y-Axis to make it smaller rather than default large value rendering at Y-Axis? Is there any property I can adjust for the Y-Axis increment value at it?

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    I’m not sure I understand correctly your question, but if I do, then there are two solutions.

    You can allow the user to zoom himself on the data of interest through the DataZoomTool, which will permit him to zoom by holding the left mouse button and drag it through the area of interest.

    i.e.: chartControl1.InteractivityOperations.Add( new DataZoomTool() );

    If you want to do it through code, you will need to use the paging/ruler features. We have a sample showing what it does and how to implement it. Open our Chart Explorer ( Start Menu -> All Programs -> Xceed Components -> Our components in action! -> Xceed Chart Explorer for .NET ), then go to All Examples -> Axes -> Ruler.

    You can look at the code by clicking on the “C# Code” tab (you will find the complete source code of the explorer under -> C:\Program Files\Xceed Components\Xceed Chart for .NET and ASP.NET 4.1\Samples, or C:\Xceed Component Samples\Xceed Chart for .NET 4.1\Samples under Vista ).

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