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    Hello guys,

    I wish to set a custom image on my SmartTreeView’s background but I don’t want it to be tiled. I noticed that BackgroundImageLayout property is not ‘sensible’ to changes. No matter I set None or any other value, the BackgroundImage is still tiled.
    I noticed you use the private void PaintBackground(SmartPaintEventArgs e) in SmartControl base class and here the TileImageSkin is used to draw the background image, without any BackgroundImageLayout value checking.
    Is there a bug? Or can I use some workaround to set the BackgroundImageStyle to None?

    Thanks for any tip,

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    This property was added with the 2.0 .NET Framework. However, our code does not take it into account. There is no workaround for this.

    I added this bug report to our database. For the moment, we do not have a time frame to offer as of when (or if) this behavior will be modified. If it is, we will notify you as soon as it is done.

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