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    I use the FTP .Net in my code with no problems except that I am wishing I had better file transfer speeds when transfering transAtlantic. The FTP transfer can bog down to less than 5kbs and even hang. My server guy tells me local internet access on the same transfer is 40 kbs.

    I wish XCeed FTP .NET had a means in the FTP transfer method to optionally use HTML transfer… if it is faster. Which I think in my case it would be significantly faster. I have no problem with fast response transAltlantic with uncached HTML pages from the same server.

    I feel like FTP is detuned here in getting from here to there whereas preference is given to passing HTML packets faster… hence the issue with slow FTP access to the server in California.

    Is there a way programmically to get the FTP to perform faster? Maybe I have some settings I can adjust? Or maybe the answer is that FTP has too much comminication overhead that is bogging it down.

    If that is the case…
    Is there a simple third party HTML file transfer VB .NET module I can call once I get to the part of my code that is ready to do the transfer to take advantage of the faster HTML packet passing?

    I have built a very elaborate subdirectory mirroring program using your FTP .NET module that I don’t want to have to throw away because FTP transfer transatlantic is cratering. I hope to keep as is all the code and FTP that spiders the directory structure and file info. Though, it would certainly be a good option to call another piece of code to do the data file transfer using HTML.

    Most of my 1,000’s files are very small (30k) so see a gas gage showing percent of transfer is not necessary. So really I could do fine with calling a simple method to do the transfer by HTML.

    Now I am seeing a transfer time of 20 sec to get each file. Similar response time to bring up uncached web page content for the same kb size is much faster — just a couple of seconds.

    Please help. :o)

    Applies to Xceed FTP for .NET. Imported from legacy forums. Posted by Bob (had 2287 views)

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    Post count: 23064

    We have no suggestion, as we have no HTML components, and we are not knowledgeable of what is available on the market.

    As for the ftp component, do you use the progression events when transferring? This can have a negative impact on performance when not rightly use.

    Applies to Xceed FTP for .NET. Imported from legacy forums. Posted by André (had 3311 views)

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