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    do you think Xceed DataGrid would be suitable to build an (extended) Windows Explorer-like file and directory list view with master-detail possiblity?

    What I have in mind is: a list view/table that displays a set of files and folders (either all in a specific directory, or all results from a search tool I have), with support for drag-and-drop, multiple selection, and detail view of the selected items.
    Would that work easier with Xceed DataGrid than doing it directly in WPF?
    And would the free version be sufficient (pro version might very well come in later when we extend the functionality even further)?



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    Hi Koen,

    Your post intrigued me so I tried to create a File Explorer-like application that uses the grid with master/detail to display folder and file listings. The result is that yes, it is possible; however, the workarounds necessary to get it to work outweigh the advantage of using the grid for this scenario.

    Clarification: Using the grid for the “left, folder-browser part” is the hard part and the one that requires a lot of workarounds, but the “right, file-browser part” was easy as you just need to bind the grid to an IEnumerable containing the FileInfo, DirectoryInfo, or even the DiskFile and DiskFolder classes of Xceed FileSytem (which is what I used).

    Hopes this answers your question! 

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