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    I have been successful in creating a self-extracting zip file using the default settings. If I change the DefaultCompressionMethod to BWT or BZip2 the exe no longer works. The exe just hangs on the “Overall Progress” dialog. Does the self-extracting exe support these two methods? Is there something else I need to do? Below is a sample of the code used to create the exe. Thank you!

    Dim zip As New ZipArchive(New DiskFile(zipName))
    Dim sfx As New XceedSfxPrefix(New DiskFile(“C:\Program Files\Xceed Components\Bin\Sfx\xcdsfx32.bin”))

    sfx.DefaultDestinationFolder = “<TempFolder>”
    sfx.ExistingFileBehavior = ExistingFileBehavior.OverwriteAlways
    sfx.ExecuteAfter.Add(Xceed.Zip.Sfx.Variables.DestinationFolder & “\\MyProgram.exe|” & “/j:””” & Xceed.Zip.Sfx.Variables.DestinationFolder & “\MyDB.mdb”””)
    sfx.DialogMessages(DialogMessages.DestinationFolder) = String.Empty
    sfx.DialogMessages(DialogMessages.Introduction) = “Welcome to the MyProjam setup. This program will copy some files to your system and then prompt you for the name of the SQL server you want to install the database on.”
    sfx.DialogStrings(DialogStrings.Title) = “MyProgram Setup”

    zip.SfxPrefix = sfx
    zip.DefaultCompressionMethod = Xceed.Compression.CompressionMethod.BZip2

    UpdateStatus(SS, “Adding mdb to package.”)

    Dim zipFile As New DiskFile(AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory & “\some.mdb”)
    zipFile.CopyTo(zip, True)

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    I tried your code and the way you proceed is correct.

    Our self-extractor only supports the “Deflated” and the “Stored” methods. We will change the documentation accordingly.

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