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    We are getting runtime error 0 issues on PCs running IE9. The error occurs when a user of our system hovers over an SmartUI control which is running inside a tool bar inside IE. The bar is coded in vb6 and we are running v2.0.0.202 of the SmartUI control

    I have found a way to replicate the issue by going to a site that contains silverlight. But it also occurs on sites that are running javascript of vbscript.
    This issue does not happen to everyone running IE9 though.

    From looking at the issue when attached to a debugger it appears that the SmartUI control is attempting to convert text to a number but we are unsure why it is even attempting to do this as no methods have been written to look at the code on the page.

    Also the error happens and is not bubbled up to the vb6 application so we are not able to catch what causes the problem and handle it gracefully. Instead our tool bar greys out with black lines accross it.

    We also have a simular possibly related issue where entering certain email addresses into a smartUI text box causes the whole application to crash as again it attempts to convert them to a number. We believe this is some kind of feature of smartUI but are unable to work out how to disable it.

    If you enter an email address of abcdef@abcdef.com the control will not attempt to convert the text. If you enter abcdef2@abcdef.com it will. Weird point with this is its not every email address that will cause the crash only certain email addresses will make it fall over completely. I have already sent a support request in with these email addresses.

    We are very confused by what is going on and are unable to supply a basic example of our code. But we are able to demonstrate it.

    Applies to Xceed SmartUI (ActiveX). Imported from legacy forums. Posted by Andrew (had 1332 views)

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    Further to this I noticed someone was having a simular issue and had published a test project.

    I have made some modifications to this test project and have attached it to this post.

    Click the file option then click data, wait for the page to load then hover over the smartUI bar. This will cause a runtime error 0.

    This is the same error that I believe is happening in other areas of the smartUI code that needs to be addressed.

    Looking forward to your response.



    Applies to Xceed SmartUI (ActiveX). Imported from legacy forums. Posted by Andrew (had 589 views)

    Diane [Xceed]
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    Hi Andrew,

    This issue was reported by other users as well, and a fix for it will be included in the next service release. Thank you for your patience.


    Applies to Xceed SmartUI (ActiveX). Imported from legacy forums. Posted by Diane [Xceed] (had 1175 views)

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