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    How can I have an alternating row background color. I see there is selected color and inactive color etc, but cannot find any mention of how to set the row background individually.

    I was thinking it might be possible with a binding for Row.Background and using a converter on row number or something like that.

    By the way, your forum search does not work.
    Also after installing the evaluation edition on my workstation there doesnt appear to be any code samples and clicking on the button on the local UI (from desktop icon) it tells me: “Xceed Datagrid for WPF needs to be installed in order to view the samples”. I’d like to view the samples before I decide to purchase.

    Sorry another complaint/comment, the online help index is unbelievably slow to use. It takes 28 seconds to display matches for “Row”. The longer the word the slower it is. Is there any offline help docs I can download?


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    Hi Ben,

    We have some sample code for alternating row background, which can be found <a href=”http://doc.xceedsoft.com/products/XceedWpfDataGrid/Styling%20Elements.html”>here</a&gt; ( alternating data-row styles ).

    Concerning the forum seach, this is a known issue and can be worked around by accessing the main search page ( for more details, please refer to the FAQ post, pinned at the top of the forum).

    Concerning the installation issues and the error message obtained, I have forwared your problem to the person in charge of the packaging and installation, which should contact you back in this thread soon.

    Finally, the same help as the one present online is installed locally and available through the help collection of Visual Studio.

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