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    I cannot find any property to remove the archive attribute after zipping a file.
    I’ve also tried removing the attribute manually within the FileStatus event (bFileCompleted=true), but the sFilename variable only contain the path and filename but not the drive. So it is not easy to get the full path to the file.

    This is certainly a standard function, so can anybody give me a littel hint.


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    Hello Judgy.

    Though this is not an easy way to do this (and I’ve taken note of such a feature request), what I would do is build a list of pairs of “source filenames” and “filenames in zip” (somekind of a dictionary) from within the ZipPreprocessingFile event (bExcluded = false), and find the “source filename” using this “filename in zip” from within the FileStatus event (bCompleted = true). In VB, this is easy to accomplish using a Collection.

    A more lazy solution, but that still makes sense would be to cheat and remove the Archive attribute from within ZipPreprocessingFile (bExcluded = false), and put it back on if SkippingFile occurs. Both of these events expose the filename on disk.

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    Hi Martin,

    thanks for your answer.
    In the moment it is realy complicated.
    In the ZipPreprocessingFile event I’m exctracting the drive of the sSourceFilename and put the drive into the comment field of the zipfile.
    After zipping I’m reading the zip-catalog and use comment/drive + filename as a key.

    I’m just a little bit wondering, that I’m the first person who is asking for this.
    I think the FileStatus event doesn’t make any sense if the sFilename variable don’t contain the complete path inclusive drive.
    It dont’ helps, if I only get the filename but no information about path and drive.

    Does nobody else use your zip-component to develop backup-tools?
    (Also your backup component contain this 😉 )
    Does all other users only use the filedate to check if a changed file should be backuped?

    At least I would use your backup component, but there is no posibility to set the split-size of the zip-file. Now I have rebuild something like your backup component with the zip-component with the possibility to set a split-size and an extra catalog file.

    I like your components, but some things are missing 😉


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