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    Hi all,

    i tried to use the grid of WPF in some pages but always i recieve this incombrehincible error message.

    “Xceed DataGrid for WPF is licensed to you completely free of charge when you register with Xceed. Although it is provided for free, you must unlock the component to use and deploy it. Before any calls are made to the component, set the Licenser.LicenseKey property with the registered license key that is sent to you by email upon registration. If you have not yet registered, visit http://www.xceed.com/freegrid.”

    also, i recieve a warning stating that

    “The element ‘ContentControl’ in namespace ‘http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation’ has invalid child element ‘DataGridControl’ in namespace ‘http://schemas.xceed.com/wpf/xaml/datagrid’. List of possible elements expected: ‘ContentControl.ContentTemplate, ContentControl.ContentTemplateSelector, ContentControl.BorderBrush, ContentControl.BorderThickness, ContentControl.Background, ContentControl.Foreground, ContentControl.FontFamily, ContentControl.FontSize, ContentControl.FontStretch, ContentControl.FontStyle, ContentControl.FontWeight, ContentControl.TabIndex, ContentControl.IsTabStop, ContentControl.Padding, ContentControl.Template, ContentControl.Style, ContentControl.OverridesDefaultStyle, ContentControl.Triggers, ContentControl.Resources, ContentControl.DataContext, ContentControl.Language, ContentControl.Tag, ContentControl.InputScope, ContentControl.LayoutTransform, ContentControl.Width, ContentControl.MinWidth, ContentControl.MaxWidth, ContentControl.Height, ContentControl.MinHeight, ContentControl.MaxHeight, ContentControl.Margin, ContentControl.FocusVisualStyle, ContentControl.Cursor, ContentControl.ForceCursor, ContentControl.ToolTip, ContentControl.ContextMenu, ContentControl.InputBindings, ContentControl.Command….”

    and this is the markup of the page that i creaqted.

    <ColumnDefinition Width=”200″/>
    <ColumnDefinition Width=”200″/>
    <RowDefinition Height=”30″/>
    <RowDefinition Height=”60″/>
    <RowDefinition Height=”60″/>
    <RowDefinition Height=”60″/>
    <RowDefinition Height=”60″/>
    <RowDefinition Height=”60″/>
    <RowDefinition Height=”60″/>
    <Button Click=”AddContact” ToolTip=”Add Contact” Width=”200″ Height=”30″
    Grid.Column=”2″ Grid.Row=”5″ Content=”Add Contact”>
    <TextBox Name=”txtHomePage” Width=”200″ Height=”30″
    Grid.Column=”1″ Grid.Row=”4″>

    Thank you for advices 🙂

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    i just resolve this error. it was caused by not adding the assembly of “Xceed controls for WPF”.
    when i added it had worked properly.

    Thank you and sorry inconvenience.

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