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    I’m considering using Xceed Real-Time Zip for .NET to compress large files and send over the wire to a SQL database. In all the documentation it says that it doesn’t use any intermediate storage (either disk or memory). I’ve looked at the sample .NET code for using this component.

    When reading in a file, the compressed version of it needs to be stored in memory. In my case, the files a need to process can range from vary small to vary large (+1GB). Processing large files, even though compressed, could consume a lot of memory. What I was hoping to be able to do was as the file is read and compressed on the fly, send the compressed bytes to the database and only use memory as a buffer for what is being compressed and not needing to compress the whole file first. Is this posssible to do with Real-Time Zip for .NET?


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    This is exactly what Real-Time Zip for .NET does. If you have access to a stream in writing to the database, you can directly compress the data into the database.

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