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    Beta builds

    From time to time, we will post beta builds of an upcoming service release here. We will do so if we feel the included bug fixes will affect and interest a significant number of clients.

    You can be automatically notified of new beta builds by clicking the ‘Enable Email Subscription’ button above.

    The beta builds are removed once they become the general release.

    Although these builds are tested and fully functional, use them at your own risk. They are not full releases and only contain the component DLLs (32-bit and 64-bit), manifests, include files and link libraries.

    Below is a list of changes included in this beta build. If you’re affected by one of the issues below, download the beta version and see if it resolves your issue:

    • Added the ability to skip folders that are symbolic links, hard links, junctions, volume mount points from being scanned. [160865]
    • Added the ability to exclude files that are symbolic links, hard links, junctions, volume mount points from a zip archive. [160865]

    A service release is scheduled during for early January 2015.

    You can get the beta build here:

    You can always get the official full release on the main website. But that release does not contain the fixes described here.

    Known issues being worked on

    • None at this time.

    Registering the component on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008

    On Windows Vista and later, it is now required to be running as Administrator to register COM/ActiveX components. When you run regsvr32.exe XceedZip.dll, make sure the command prompt is Run As Administrator.

    Using the component without registration

    From Windows XP and later, Windows supports a concept called “Registration-Free COM” where an application uses a “.manifest” file to describe the COM components it uses. Then, Windows loads them in an isolated manner without the need for registration, or administrator rights and interference from other versions located in the system.

    In our recent releases of Xceed Zip, we’ve started including .manifest files that describe the component so RegFree COM can be used by customers.

    We’ve tested this with the Xceed Zip Compression Library and it worked. Here’s what we did.

    Download the latest release of the component from our website or a beta build from this page. A XceedZip.dll.manifest file is now part of the distribution. It is not useful for development but if you look at the file’s contents, you’ll see the definition of the COM interface for the component in standard XML format. This is what will allow Windows to load and bind the component to your application on-the-fly without prior registration or administrator rights.

    The manifest file contains a hash value based on the XceedZip.dll file. So if you get a new version of XceedZip, you need to update the manifest file as well.

    When you deploy your application:

    • Rename XceedZip.dll.manifest to your executable’s filename, e.g.: MyApplication.exe.manifest. If your executable already has a manifest, you should be able to simply add the contents of the node of our manifest to yours.
    • Copy that application manifest file to the same folder as your executable.
    • Do not install XceedZip.dll in Windows’ system32 folder. Instead, copy the file in the same folder as your executable.
    • No need to perform regsvr32.exe with XceedZip.dll anymore. As long as the DLL is in the same folder as your executable and the executable’s manifest file contains the contents of the XceedZip.dll.manifest, it should work.

    Your application should now ignore whatever is registered on the system and use the XceedZip.dll file that’s located in your executable’s folder.

    We suggest you try it with a minimal application to see if it works for you.

    Update history of this post
    • November 6th 2014: Posted build 6.5.14556.0 for skipping links [160865].
    • May 24th 2012: Posted build Xceed.Zip.Ax.6.5.12274.0 for issue [150496].
    • February 2nd 2012: Posted build Xceed.Zip.Ax.6.5.12062.0.zip that includes a build without AES code.
    • January 13th 2012: Posted build Xceed.Zip.Ax.6.5.12062.0.zip for issue [148220].
    • June 17th 2010: Posted build Xceed.Zip.Ax.6.5.10316.0.zip for issue [134987].

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