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    I have a database table that stores .zip files as binary. I want to pull each .zip file from the database and extract the contents. After i have extracted the files contained in the zip file i want to save them to a particular location. I need to do the extract bit in memory though, i don’t want to have to save the zip file some where and then extract it from there.

    I can’t seem to work out how to do it without first saving the zip file to a physical location and then extracting from there.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    You can use a MemoryFile as the inner file for the ZipArchive, and then use a MemoryFolder to unzip files to memory. Then you will be able to manipulate the files in memory.


    AbstractFile memFile = new MemoryFile();
    Stream stream = memFile.OpenWrite( true );
    //use the stream.Write to get the .zip file from the database to the stream.
    //at the end, memFile will contain the .zip file.
    //e.g. :
    //const int size = 4096;
    //byte[] bytes = new byte[4096];
    //int numBytes;
    //while((numBytes = input.Read(bytes, 0, size)) > 0)
    //stream.Write(bytes, 0, numBytes);

    AbstractFolder destMemFolder = new MemoryFolder();
    ZipArchive memArchive = new ZipArchive( memFile );
    memArchive.CopyFilesTo( destMemFolder, true, true );

    This will extract all the files to the MemoryFolder. You can then loop through the folder to manipulate the files as you need. You can also extract only one file at a time, by using the filter parameter on the CopyFilesTo method, and manipulate only that file in the MemoryFolder.

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