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    I’m trying to figure out a tool to decompress data from a database. All I know is that this data is compressed… I tried to use XCeed Compression for .NET, but I had no success decompressing the data. I tried to use the sample codes, but probably I’m doing something wrong.

    The attached file has a byte dump of one field on the database. The table has 2 columns: data and uncompressedSize. For the sample data in the attached file the uncompressed size is 2560. I saved the bytes to a file, and called blob.zip, but it’s not a zip file I just used this extension because the forum has a limited list of supported extensions for attachments.  Another thing I know is that the original data is a text string.

    I need to be sure that the library could unzip the data before thinking on buying it,  but unfortunately I couln’t figure out by myself.  Does anyone could give me some insight on how to unzip this? 


    Thanks in advance, 

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    Fawzi [Xceed]
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    Hi Rbasniak,

    I tried all the compression methods and formats we support in our different components:

    – XceedCompressedStream
    – Deflate
    – Deflate64
    – GZip
    – ZLib
    – BZip2
    – BWT
    – LZMA
    – PPMd

    and none of them could decompress the data.

    You will need to find out what compression algorithm was used to compress the data and if a specific format was used to write the compressed data. Another thing to consider is that perhaps the data is encrypted. That would make the data impossible to analyze without knowing the encryption method and password.

    Imported from legacy forums. Posted by Fawzi [Xceed] (had 126 views)

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